About Us

Current Ganzo's Building

Our History
How we became Ganzo's Mexican Restaurant

You see, it all started from humble beginnings. John "Ganzo" Puente and his wife Frances […]

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Steak and Chicken Fajita

Our Food
We only serve high quality food

It's in our mission statement: Provide the highest quality Mexican food. In order to […]

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Our Fiesta
Cinco de Mayo at Ganzo's

Our Fiesta
We've been known to throw great fiestas

We are proud to host the largest Cinco de Mayo Fiesta in the Quad Cities Area for over a […]

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What is Authenticity?

Here's what we think...

Does sprinkling Chihuahua Cheese on everything make Mexican food 'Authentic'? How about having waiters dressed like they're from 1950's Mexico, or having them wear sombreros? Oh wait, maybe it's being greeted to the loud mexican music the second you walk through the doors; that surely makes it authentic. While some of these may be fun to partake in, we certainly don't think these traits make food or a restaurant 'Authentic'.

Instead, we believe that serving three generations of passed down family recipes is what makes a place authentic.
John "Ganzo" Puente came to Davenport from Mexico, not changing his recipes one bit to adjust to American cuisine; I guess you could say our recipes are straight out of Mexico. Three generations of family recipes is, to us, authentic Mexican food. Call us crazy, but that's what we think.